The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 2 Chapter 4

Family Letter part 1

Dear Onee-san,

Thank you for your letter, so much has happened since my last letter. I told you about how my companions and I protected the Moto daimyo from evil spirits that were causing his garden to die. Well due to my actions he introduced me to his niece, Yiting-san’s aunt. We talked for quite some time and coordinated more time for Yiting and I to be together, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be my chaperone during these meetings. I’m so exited I think I’ll get a new kimono, but that will have to wait because first we will be traveling to Matsu lands for a tournament. I have met more of the company I am traveling with, including a Shugenja of the Phoenix clan that didn’t introduce himself, and a cute little Crane Daidoji who flaps his wings so hard because he thinks he is flying into the wind. It is fortunate I have no reason to turn the winds on him, it gives me time to work on his preconceived notions.

Oh! But back to the tournament, it is being held by Lady Katara, and after much traveling we arrived to find a lowly merchant complaining about how his storehouse was robbed. Aikhiko his story moved my companions enough the majority of them decided to help him. that night we ran into cousin Hotui, you know “that” guy. Apparently he was also invited to the tournament as well. While we all had dinner that night I convinced him to assist us with finding the merchant’s stuff.

In the morning I went to see Lady Katara’s personal assistant to see about offering our services to take care of her bandit problem. I convinced her that we were the best option, apparently I played up the companies abilities pretty high because she made us temporary Emerald magistrates. At the same time I decided to take the opportunity to introduce Daidoji-san as the company’s champion, when I said that he looked completely terrified for a moment then regained his On, but that is irrelevant.

Well Hotui has found the merchant’s silk, we will be heading out momentarily, I’ll continue this letter when we return back.


neonbasschild RobertShenk

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