The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 2 Chapter 5

Family letter part 2

THAT WAS A DISGRACEFUL MESS! Akihiko, it is no wonder Hotui is the black sheep of the family, he has no sense of subtly, he just walks in and slauters everything in his way with no mind to anything but blood.

That however wasn’t even the worse part, the worse part happened after the battle, as I went to secure the stolen merchandise the a fore mentioned Phoenix, Isawa-san, a Mantis, Yoritomo-san, and Bayushi Tsubaki all swarmed the storeroom. Isawa-san found a large box of something requiring the attention of the Magistrate herself. Before I left i bore witness to Tsubaki, with all the subtly of a Hida berserker , demand to know what was in the box. When I returned with the Magistrate Isawa-san took her aside obviously to tell her what was in the box. Her reaction was to open the box stick a rope in it, which shocked Isawa-san to the point of arguing with her. The magistrate was so frustrated that she left it’s disposal up to him. I fear that I will have to spend so much time covering for everyone that I will miss my opportunity to advance my courtship with Yiting-san.

Well I suppose I need to start preparing for the backlash I know will come from their actions, so I end this letter with my best wishes for your safety.

Your dotting sister

Shosuro Akiko


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