The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Godaigo in the Burning Sands

I am Mirumoto Godaigo. I am recording what already may be my final days, and what most certainly is my final journey. I can not rely on my allies to tell my story, for they too face dangers that may kill us all. I have hesitated to record our mission, in fear that others may learn of our purpose and thwart it. However, I prey that if we fall, other more honorable and skilled warriors may take our cause for the sake of all Rokugan. I know longer fear the other clans plotting or stealing information for their own, not when compared to the enemies far more dangerous and honorless that may doom us all. The scrolls of Hantei are no mere legend, for I have seen them and their power. Two of my companions have read one themselves, one blinded by its power, but able to see through the void, and another whose fear has been taken from him, and has turned into a warrior ferocious and powerful as any I have seen fight. I fear what such power could do in the wrong hands, especially if one man or beast held them all. If they were any other artifact, I would destroy them myself, but I can not wish such ill on such holy writings. It is to our benefit and our detriment that the scrolls can be used to find each other. If that was not the case they might be hidden, but it is only a matter a time before they are gathered, whether it now or a hundred years I know they will be. Our quest is to find them, and it has led us into the burning sands.
This land is as wanting in water and honor, and only a handful of gaijin have offered us either. Our possessions and the scrolls themselves have been stolen by a group of gaijin bandits called hassasins or such. We go to their very den to destroy them, but they have the land and numbers against us. They will no doubt fight with no honor, as we have already been ambushed twice by slavers and bandits in this land. If we die, then may fate allow they can not read this and it finds it’s way to Rokugani hands. A group of gaigin merchants had led us to believe they exist in an oasis by the submerged city of [player memory lapse]. We have traveled with them as far as our paths crossed, and now we have left to find the city.
I thought we might find the bandits at the submerged city, but we have instead come across a wayward spirit. It is bound to this world by some curse of his own doing, but I still feel the honorable thing is to help this spirit rest. The spirit has offered us what lies in his tomb as a reward, but only a staff and gem are required to be taken. Fortunately, the very gem is required to summon an evil spirit that we have also sworn to destroy, as if fate has aligned our goal with this spirit. We are preparing to enter his very tomb in order to do so, and I have a feeling that I have done this once before. I shall not allow my allies to die this time. If the dead try to take them, I will see they can not, even if I have to sacrifice myself to do so.


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