The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 2 Chapter 2

Hare Dances With Scorpion: Try not to get stung.

Cousin Rin,

A Hare and a Scorpion walked in a field one evening. The Hare, young and naive, remarked to the Scorpion,“How wonderful these stars, see how they dance above? Do you know any dances, my friend?”

The Scorpion replied “I only know the one dance, and I hear you know many, show me one so that I may learn.”

I forget how the rest of the story goes, but the Hare gets stung and dies. Apparently the only dance the Scorpion knows involves it stinging you with its tail, while its claws provide percussion.

On they way home I encountered a troupe of entertainers and Geisha. She and I walked under the stars and asked me about the “Hare digs for Radishes”. I blushed and she insisted, and well, she was persuasive in her arguments. Turns out I should have payed more attention to the lesson of the Turtle and the Scorpion. She drugged me and rifled our bags. My companion is missing his scroll. This is most vexing indeed.

Head well the warnings of the Kami. There are strange goings on afoot.
Remember the lesson of the Oni in the Cave.

I cannot wait to see the look on the Mirutomo’s face when you dance the Tiganza for him. You should get all the girls in the village to join you. I think he may break from blushing. Who knows you may even get to dance some of the more interesting forms with him ;-)

It is almost time for us to go now. I wish we could move faster, but our luggage train is slow. I would run the whole way home, but the others could not keep up.


neonbasschild neonbasschild

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