The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 2 Chapter 6

Out of the Fire and into the Grease

I was poisoned by a snake recently, the poison and heat made me delirious, yet still more then capable of convincing the Tsuyo to drop his weapon so as not to follow the same fate of Shinji. Of course I wouldn’t have lasted much longer had they not given me antitoxin for the bite.

I feel better but I believe that in this instance, it is better to stay quiet, listen and learn, then to struggle. I hat this desert and these barbarians. But now our quest for the Scrolls has been waylayed by a quest for some silly gems so that we can kill some demon for the barbarians. Which means that it will take even longer for us to return home. These, well I can’t call them people and I’d rather not keep using the word barbarians over and over again, I suppose I’ll just call them ‘things’; these ‘things’ are rather revolting, they almost never bath, they where way too much perfume, and while we were walking to the house that had been provided for us by the headman’s man I witnessed some of the most debase actions I have ever seen, things even the lowliest eta wouldn’t even do.

We were robbed, in the middle of the nite a very talented individual or group silently creep into the house we were given and stole just about everything they could get away with. Including the scrolls. While this only further serves to keep us here in this accused place longer, it may prove to be a blessing in disguise. This individual that stole the scrolls is very talented and my prove useful in expediting our departure if some of the rumors about what we will be looking for are true.

Oh and recent events have helped me to compose a new poem
Birds fly near the ground
Crabs shell crack from the pressure
Scorpion sees all


neonbasschild neonbasschild

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