The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 2 Chapter 1

The Hare dances with the Dragon "Try not to look tasty. "

Cousin Rin,

There is a proverb Usagi-osama san used to tell us kits, “When the Hare dances with the Dragon he should be wary of the tail as well as the tooth.” Another I always liked was “When Dancing with Cranes the Beak is the most dangerous but pay close attention to the Foot as well.” I find these always to be good advice.

Unfortunately, none of these cover my current problem. I have avoided the Dragon, head and tail, but have become entangled in its middle. So now how do I get the Dragon to dance with me? Well, to paraphrase something else I once heard,“If one expects to be the ruler of Hares one must expect to wear floppy ears”, I have put on the Dragon’s scales and tied back my ears but she still will not dance. Perhaps I have to pull her tail?

I think that is what it will take, I have behaved poorly, but now I must correct her as well. This is my problem and no amount of wooing will fix it. Gifts, songs, flowers, none of these have worked. So now I must pull the Dragon’s tail and be prepared to dance.

In Other news I was presented to the Dragon’s Claw and avoided getting scratched by using Cousin Wa-ren’s method. Strike true and fast. Granted my meager advance caused her no mind, and She redirected me easily. Better Parried than squashed I say. And now I have a different partner that I need to worry myself with.

Oh! Good news, on our journey we are passing south generally, and I may be able to convince my Bothers to come home to us. A Daidoji comes with us! I am sure Cousins Mae and Yukari would just hop to see him. (And he has the most impressive Spear!) A sullen Dragon has also joined us, but he is FAR to eager to Dance the Claws for my taste, he is just a Kit but he will do nicely for any of the girls. Good family there.

My Best and Always,


neonbasschild neonbasschild

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