The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 1 Chapter 8

The Battle Of Iron Gate Vally

The goblins march and the city farther north than they have ever been seen before and no one knows who leads then or why they come. Are they marshaled by the Cursed Matsu who it appears is also after the scrolls? Are the Kolot real? Who else seeks out the words of the Kami and for what end? Much is still hidden from my sight. I prepare as best as I know how for the coming, talking with the Governor and getting the lay of the land. I am told that the Dragon send Ashigaru to provide for the city’s defense and can send nothing else while Hitomi sends her army out to quell disquieted Togoshi to the north. As I study and contemplate strategy The Hare and Unicorn are no where to be found. I’m I to lead the peasants to war?

Our reinforcements have arrived. 900 Ashigaru brought by Kitsuki Yumi and her niece Ryosaki who it seems is the Hare’s betrothed. She acted greatly displeased to see him. The magistrate and I exchange pleasantry’s briefly before getting to the matter at hand. She confirms the rumor of Hitomi sending troops north to ensure that the Togoshi change there proud name to hers. I suggest that the Lion General may lead the goblins but his name is unknown to her but brings up a name from the Lions Clans past. I must talk further with Kitsuki Yumi about the darker matters in the Lions past. Afterwards the Unicorn and I move the troops into the valley to rest and wait. The next morning my scouts return with word. 1000 goblins and ogers arrive within hours.

Our lines clash at the guidance of the our Battle Maiden and the Lion General is no where to be seen. They mingle and merge, crashing like thunder, advancing and retreating like the seas tide and I am revealed that I am in the line and not leading. Each man fights his hardest. Now that survival is at stake it no longer matters that they fight under orders for a city and cause that is not even there own. My fellow wards and I fight because we can not turn a blind eye and watch the city be razed and its peasants slaughtered as meat. The battle rages all day and into the night before the enemy lines brake and the goblin horde begins to flee. Many have done brave deeds this day and many more have died but the day has been won and Tetsu Kama Mura will live on. After we heal from out wounds Kitsuki Yumi is under orders to bring us to Hitomi at the Furthest Fortress.


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