Isawa Shinji

The Fire of Void


Shinji had always been an unruly child. From an early age is was obvious that this child was marked by fire. Thus he was sent to train as a Shugenja at the great library. I would like to tell you that the training challenged young Shinji. However, natural talent made the countless speeches and exorcises from his masters labored and boring. Idol hands and fire are poor friends.

The only person who could keep Shinji in line was his uncle Hideki. His manner is where his summers growing up were spent. Unlike the masters at the library, Hideki understood that that Shinji needed a less structured and more self passed style to learn restraint. This style of learning though effective in advancing his skills far faster than his peers at the library, the isolation did little for his sometimes brash and anti social tendencies.

Things finally came to a head after graduating from the library and being assigned to stay on. His head master thought that keeping him in the library to catalog old scrolls and new entries might do much to calm Shinji’s uncouth nature. The head master is not often wrong and has never been so wrong as to think that Shinji would submit to such a menial tasking. He not only refused to attend to his duty’s but after hearing a rumor volunteered to set off for the capital after a imperial edict calling for all clans to send children that have just passed there Gempukku.

Isawa Shinji

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