1st Scroll of Hantei

The scoll of KÅ«kan


Player who open scroll instantly becomes blind (permanent), player gains See Through the Void Advantage as long as they have any remaining void points, negating all blind affects. If at any time all void is spent character suffers full effects of being blind.

See Through the Void “While you have void points remaining you are able to see all things within a distance equal to you Void Ring x20 feet. You are also aware of any objects or individual within that range that has been deliberately concealed, including secret doors, hidden compartments, buried objects, ect.”

Players sight now looks something like this.
Houdini01 daredevil shadoww


An extremely old scroll sealed with the seal of Hantei. The scroll is inclosed inside a gold and steal scroll case that is inlayed with Jade jewels.

The scroll simply reads

“Like a lot of blind men feeling a great elephant.”

1st Scroll of Hantei

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