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  • Ujina Kenji

    Raised on the farms of his Clan, Kenjii really enjoys 3 things: The attention of beautiful women, Good food, and good music.

  • Hida Kage

    "My character sheet":https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdvj797mqszlxo2/CRab.l5r "My character pdf":https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmys00ywd7hbtta/Kage.pdf

  • Isawa Shinji

    Shinji had always been an unruly child. From an early age is was obvious that this child was marked by fire. Thus he was sent to train as a Shugenja at the great library. I would like to tell you that the training challenged young Shinji. However, …

  • Shosuro Akiko

    Shosuro Akiko is a beautiful maiden of the Scorpion, and a dangerous woman to anger. Her wrath is never simple and she never forgets even the smallest slight. One would do better to upset a Matsu or an Utaku for death would be quicker than the punishment …

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