Character Creations Guide

This guide will walk you though all the steps to make a character as it pertains to this game.

Make a standard character using normal rules with normal damage rating. Major clans are preferred but you must be of a clan (aka no ronin). All normal schools are allowed. Any schools from other rulebooks must be approved. Nothing abnormal (aka no ninja, kolat, ect.). From here please have some type of sustained online storage (I recommend drop box because is simple, free, and will update itself if you change a file).

Now is the hard part. I ask that you maintain your character with two files. 1. Use L5RCM to keep track of your character. After that I ask that you use the fillable character sheet to fill out everything. This is done for a couple reasons but it aids me in tracking character advancement and it also helps with having your character readily available to be printed at any time. From there please upload the two files to your storage (dropbox) and the post the link into your characters area on the character page. I will from there take your PDF and turn it into a image that can be viewed right from the website.

I also ask that you try and find a good character image for your character. It can be from film, comics, or even the l5r CCG.

The last thing that I ask you to do is please fill out the 40 Questions. I do not even need to see it if you do not want. I just ask that you use it because it forces you to flesh out your character and really starts to form the character into a real person with there own quirks and habits. Much like how a writer develops a character for a movie or book.

Character Creations Guide

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