The Twelve Scrolls Of Hantei

Book 2 Chapter 3

Scorpion letters Written by aikiko

Dear Yiting-San,

Onee-San tells me that you two have been attached to the same unit in the imperial legion. It warms my heart to hear that the enemies of the empire have to face the combined might of both you and my brother.

My caravan comes here from the temple of Oso-wono where we met a rather rambunctious Hida bushi and an obtuse Mirumoto bushi.

The Hida however did “attempt” to preform a tea ceremony when we met him, then we began our travels to Shiro Moto. Along the way a lovely Utaku Battle Maiden, she and I got to talking and she mentioned that she wanted a new dress. I remembered the dress shop that you told me about and helped get her a very beautiful and faltering dress.

The next day we received an invitation to see Moto-Osama at his garden. The place was a wreck and dying. He was fed up with the condition and tasked us with finding a famous Gardner.

And Yiting-San, those… Those uncultured animals had me walking like some peasant, I thought at one point they would simply leave me behind. However the reality of what happened was far worse, and Yiting, that Hida picked me up and carried me, he smelled so bad, I was so embarrassed by his actions I thought I would die. However if Hida-San hadn’t carried me I would never have had the opportunity to embarrass a sad little Crane bushi in the arts of court. My haiku was thus…

Almost spring
A silk of wind
Through trees

By winning thg Gardner agreed to come with us to see Moto-Osama and fix his garden. When we returned I began looking for a gift for the Moto Osama and found a spyglass for him and I got some shashish.

Moving on, at the garden the Gardner sprinkled something out and found out that spirits had infested the garden. They attempted to attack the diamyo but I defended him and in return Moto-Osama gifted us with Moto steeds.

Well I believe that just about covers everything so I will close this with a haiku…

Love is not complex
It demands an abstract mind
And a present heart

Shosuro Aikiko


btws these need to be credited to Robert.

Book 2 Chapter 3
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